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WSET Courses
Master Internationally Recognized Qualifications
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Our mission is to provide the highest quality wine education and tasting instruction available in Guyana.

Our classes, courses, and events are fun and unpretentious, yet offer the depth of knowledge and insight sought by those wanting to learn more about wine. We will not simply teach you about wine, we will help you understand why wines differ and how to describe these differences.

Through our WSET courses, workshops, and wine-themed classes for both wine and spirits industry professionals and the community of wine adventurers and enthusiasts, we will bring the full experience of the vineyard and the world of wine to the classroom in an approachable and fun style. For business or pleasure, we offer a range of certified courses, workshops and tutored tastings.

Wine & Spirit Education


The Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET) qualifications are globally recognized as the international standard in wine.
The courses are designed for new or established professionals, as well as wine enthusiasts to excel their wine education.